The Planning Process



When I first started thinking about riding a bicycle to raise awareness and funds for Green Teams of Canada I thought about riding right across Canada from Victoria BC to St. Johns NFL. So, I contacted different people who had done the ride to find out what to expect. These were:

Kieren Britton
Ryan Mackinnon
Jill Heinerth
Ginny Dennehy
Steve Langston

Each one inspired me and made me feel that with determination it could be done. They were awesome and gave me loads of really useful information! Much of that info, is still going to come in handy, despite having changed my original plan.

After much thought it occurred to me to integrate hiking into this endeavour because that is something I am passionate about. Also, it fits in really well with the whole getting outside into nature theme of Green Teams of Canada. So, I’ve decided to ride my bicycle from Victoria to Calgary starting on June 7th. It should take about 2-3 weeks. Then I plan to spend time in July and August hiking up to a total of 300kms and reaching at least 15 mountain peaks. My cycle and hiking endeavour this summer will be done by the end of August 2014.

I’ve been busily gathering bicycle gear (panniers, bike shoes, new tires and tubes, bike shorts). I’ve had my bike tuned. Marmot generously donated a tent, sleeping bag, fleece top, tank top, tuque, cap, hydration pack and a hoodie for the camping portion of both my bicycle trip and any camping I do when hiking. Marmot is a long time supporter of the Lower Mainland Green Team!

I just learned how to change a bicycle tire, and because the tires are extra thick (so that flats are less likely) it was tough. I’m not particularly good with fixing things, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the bicycle works well and there is no fixing required!! I still have to get a few more things (e.g. fuel for my stove) and I’m pretty much there. Very excited. I created a giving group so that donations could be made to Green Teams of Canada. To learn how to donate please click: HERE


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