Dry Run

I packed up all the things (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food,stove) that I was planning to take on my ride and headed over to 0 Avenue in South Langley which has a number of hills, to get a taste of what to expect. The plan was to also pitch my tent and use my stove. IMG_0159

I had about 45 pounds of weight. Also, I had a hydration pack from Marmot on my back. It’s the first time I’ve ridden a bicycle with a hydration pack and it was great! I was able to drink water as I rode, which was really nice – versus having to stop to pull out a water bottle.

The hills weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be, however, it wasn’t easy carrying all that weight. It also takes some getting used to, especially going downhill (balance!). I ended up at a park where I pitched my tent: and learned very quickly that staking the tent down in windy weather before taking a photo is a good idea!


This Marmot Eclipse tent is going to be my home on this trip. I also used my stove, which works like a charm. I am really looking forward to eating whatever I want on this trip as I’ll be burning a lot of calories no doubt! So, my plan is to start in Victoria at Mile Zero head to the ferry, then head over to the Golden Ears bridge, and over to Mission. It’s going to be a 115km day! luckily all the gear (tent etc.) will be waiting for me in Mission so I won’t have the 45 pounds of weight for this first day of riding. The true test is going to be from day 2 on when I have everything on me! Should be interesting. I plan to go slow and take it easy.. no plans to rush. Day 2 will be all about getting to Hope! Day 3 will be likely the most challenging day of all (still deciding on the route). I know that I am taking a risk doing this bicycle ride, but that I am also inviting experiences of challenge, exploration and learning more about myself.




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