Mad rush today to pack everything. There is a lot of stuff!!

Camping gear/food/drinks: stove, fuel, spork (Life without Plastic thank you!), Marmot tent and sleeping bag (Thank you again Marmot!!, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, steri-pen (to sterilize water if I need to), hydration backpack, 2 water bottles, compact towel, 6 packaged dinners and 5 snack bars.

Toiletries: contacts lens, glasses, sunglasses, happy chamois cream (in case I get a sore bum), sunblock, mirror, comb, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and brush, floss, soap

Clothes: 2 bras, 3 padded shorts, 3 underwear, one long biking pants, 3 pairs of socks, 4 bike tops, 1 tank top, down jacket, one fleece top (may be cold in the Rockies!), tuque, rain jacket

Electronics: a dinosaur lap top (please don’t die on me!!), camera, cell phone and all their chargers

Bike stuff: bike lock, patch kit, bike levers, two extra tubes, lights, multi-use tool (screwdriver and allen wrench) — does it sound like I know what I’m doing around a bicycle? I don’t! fingers crossed I’ll manage if anything comes up

Miscellaneous: First aid kit, bear vault (to put all my food in away from my tent), bear spray (if I have to use it chances are good I’ll collapse and have a heart attack long before the bear gets to me)

Will be heading over to Victoria today with my husband Shawn to stay overnight and the plan is to start from Mile Zero in Victoria at Dallas Road and Douglas St tomorrow (June 7th) at around 7.30am. Shawn will ride with me from Victoria to the ferry on the saturday and at Tsawwassen ferry he’ll head home to get my 50 pounds of stuff which he will deliver at my campsite in Mission (my end point of the day!). Day 2 to Hope will be when I have all my gear with me!!

I’m feeling nervous, excited and seriously wondering what the heck I’ve got myself into!!

bike gear         bike gear 3bike gear 2




  1. Sounds like you’re all set, Lyda. We so admire your strong will and determination to make your dreams happen. Have a safe trip. We’ll be with you in thought with every turn of your wheels!

  2. Good luck, Lyda. Following your progress from Pender Island! Years ago, I cycled around the South Island of New Zealand, so I know how much gear can weigh by the end of the day. When I stopped at campsites or hostels, I created my own support vehicles. I asked people with cars to be my support vehicle by carrying my bicycle bags to the next stop where I’d be staying. I kept my day bag and bicycle repair gear. Lots of yoga at the end of the day to stretch out those sore muscles, too! Go Green Teams!

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