Day 1 (Saturday June 7 2014) Victoria to Mission BC

Woke up super nervous this morning. Shawn and I rode to Mile 0 (Douglas St and Dallas Rd) in Victoria for an intended start time of 7.30am

DSC09509. Thomas, from City of Victoria Parks came by to say hi – which was awesome! He told me how great it was that a Greater Victoria Green Team was being created and that there was lots of work to do in the Capital Regional District! I’m so excited, and can’t wait!


So, Shawn and I headed towards the Galloping Goose bicycle trail. Such a nice ride, beautiful, mostly away from traffic. And mostly flat. Here are some shots along the route (and yes, I did spy some lovely ivy!). Take note of the very cool bicycle stand thingy (not sure what you call it) it had bicycle maintenance tools on it, a pump and a code to get instructions on how to repair your bicycled. How cool is that? Also, got to talk to Franz the farmer who owned that large 3 year old pig! He gets produce that’s about to get thrown out from the grocery store to feed his pigs with. Saves him money and saves the produce from going to waste. Great idea 🙂

DSC09514 DSC09517 DSC09518 DSC09522 DSC09530 DSC09533 DSC09536

Waiting go get on the ferry to Tsawwassen,


When we were waiting to get off the ferry an hour and half later, we met Kevin and his friend (forgot his name). They asked me if I’d had a nice bicycle ride. I said “I’m not done yet!”, He asked me what my destination was, I proudly told him I was going to Calgary!! I asked him where his destination was. He said they were heading to St. Johns NFL. Too funny!! They were really nice, they were riding for PKU. Check them out –> HERE

DSC09546 DSC09547

When we got off the ferry, we rode over the parking lot where our car was. Said bye to Shawn and headed off from this point on my own. Mission was my destination. The plan was for Shawn to meet me at my camp site with all my gear (tent, clothes, foods..etc). I figured day 1 was going to be long enough, and gave myself a break and rode without all the weight from the get go.  Here are some photos along the way. I was on S. Fraser Perimeter road all the way over Golden Ears Bridge and then down Lougheed Hwy to Mission.

DSC09548 DSC09550

Check out my first lunch on this venture! The best banana walnut muffin ever!


DSC09555 DSC09559 DSC09561 DSC09563

When I got to the camp site, Shawn showed up 5 mins later and his parents 10 mins after him. The plan was to head out for one last proper dinner.

DSC09565 DSC09566

All in all, it was a really awesome biking day!! I rode 115 kms in 6 hours and 15 mins. Haven’t ridden with all the weight yet, and Shawn camped with me so haven’t camped alone yet. Tomorrow should be interesting… 🙂


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