Day 2 (June 8th 2014) Mission to Hope BC

Woke up at a silly hour (5.30 am) and started getting ready. This is the first “proper” day, I’ll have all my weight on me and I’m camping alone. This is me about to head off with all my gear! And then some photos along the way. I took Hwy 7 all the way to Hope.

DSC09570 DSC09577 DSC09578 DSC09606 DSC09604DSC09601 DSC09599

I saw this sign shortly after I left Shawn. 😦


My lunch break! I had a sandwich and some couscous. And both were absolutely delicious. Is it me or is food tasting better and better as I go along?


More views along route…

DSC09596 DSC09594

When I saw this, I knew trouble was ahead for me!! It was a curvy super steep road downhill. With 50 pounds of weight on me going at breakneck speed? no thanks! I walked some of this hill down.

DSC09593DSC09591DSC09590DSC09587DSC09589 DSC09588DSC09586DSC09581DSC09582DSC09584

Pitched my tent. Tonight is my very first night camping alone.


All in all, I did 85kms in in 6 hours (with a 45 min lunch/break in there). The road was mostly flat, with some uphill and some downhill (always very short though). Really enjoyed it!

Tomorrow, I’m going to give Allison Pass a go. 18kms of uphill (the whole day is supposed to be 67 kms). It’s going to be brutal. I am planning to stop part way and crash for the night if I have to and stretch it into two days if need be. Same thing with the Manning Park Lodge to Princeton (supposed to be another crazy uphill day). I have to be realistic. People without any weight with support vehicles find these two days (from Hope to Princeton along Hwy 3) brutal, so – tis not going to be too much fun. Truthfully, I’m absolutely terrified. Not just because of the uphill, but apparently there is some crazy downhill coming up too. What the heck am I doing here? Valid question no? 😉



  1. You’re doing great, Lyda! You look healthy and happy and the scenery is stunning. Sounds like you’re meeting really interesting people along the way too. All good. And if you walk your bike on some of the uphills, so what?

  2. So far you are making it look easy, but I know it isn’t. Way to go Lyda! Just take it one day at a time and have fun. The section between Hope and Princeton is beautiful, so if takes you 3 or 4 days all the better.

  3. Loved reading your posts! What a neat experience! Love all the photos & stories of the people you meet along the way! You’re doing great, Lyda!!!!
    -Brandy, Brent, Devon & Carly 🙂

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