The Day Before – in Victoria!

Shawn (my husband), and I drove to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal with our bicycles Friday (June 6th) afternoon. Locked up our bicycles on level 3 of the ferry and wandered up to the deck.It was a beautiful day! Then we wandered down an hour and a half later once we got to Shwartz Bay, to get our bicycles. Rushed to the bus, because there are only two bicycle racks and if anyone got there before us, we’d have to wait for the next one. We took bus 70 into Victoria, got off at Pandora St and Douglas and wandered over to the place we were staying in to check in. We dumped our things and managed to get a few hours walking around downtown before it got too dark. Love Victoria! It felt alive. There were buskers, people selling their art, cool old building, lots of happy people! DSC09484 DSC09494 DSC09487DSC09500


One comment

  1. Best of luck on your ride and hike though I know you will do awesome! Victoria is a great city to start from and I hope your first day was an inspiring one. I will be following your progress and sending many good thoughts your way! Go get those hills 🙂

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