Day 5 (June 11th 2014) to Okanagan Prov. Park (past Penticton & Summerland)


I was expecting to enjoy an easy day going mostly downhill, not a chance! While there were some nice long downhill sections there were also some uphill bits and found myself working harder than expected. I was cycling along the banks of the Simikameen and it was warm. One section of downhill, a large black dog came bounding alongside me barking ominously and looked like it was going to fly at me all teeth. Scared me! Luckily it retreated at the last second.  Figured, next time this happened it might be good to get the bear spray out, just in case a dog decides to try to take me out. Some views towards Hedley:

DSC09716 DSC09717 DSC09718 DSC09719 DSC09720 DSC09722

It was such a beautiful ride! Really enjoyed the weather and the views.. DSC09723 DSC09724 DSC09727 DSC09728 DSC09729 DSC09730 DSC09731 DSC09732

Keremeos was in sight now.It was a quaint little town. I met Shawn for a breakfast, then carried on..

DSC09735 DSC09736

I headed along Hwy 3 and there was split off and I got onto the 3A towards Penticton. There were long stretches of uphill. Many cyclists flew by me. It was really hot too. The combination of uphill and hot weather sucked. I worked hard and finally got to Yellow Lake. There, I stopped and chatted with a local who told me it was flat and downhill from that point into Penticton (NEVER listen to motorists who have no clue of the terrain for cyclists!) there was definitely some downhill for sure, but uphill as well.

DSC09737 DSC09738 DSC09740 DSC09741 DSC09743 DSC09749 DSC09750

Penticton coming up…

DSC09751 DSC09752 DSC09755

Past Penticton onto Okanagan Provincial Park South Campground (lots of up and downhill)

DSC09761 DSC09763


Thankfully Shawn had already set up the tent. Headed to the campground washroom to clean-up a bit. But to be honest, it was past 8pm, so had no energy for a shower. I basically collapsed in a heap into the tent.


but before sleep, chatted with the German couple staying in the site next to ours. Peter and Susan from near Cologne! They’re wandering around the Rockies in a really cool camper van (I can live in one of those!). They offered me and Shawn nice drinks, which was very welcome!

DSC09781shawn and car


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