Day 6 (June 12th 2014) Okanagan Prov. Park to 27 kms shy of Vernon

I woke up this morning to a puffy face and puffy eyes. Wasn’t feeling that great either. DSC09776 DSC09777

Lots of ground hogs (they were fat!). Went for a large breakfast (I think the waitress was surprised to see how much I ordered!).

DSC09773DSC09779 DSC09780

I felt like I needed a day off to rest, but when we checked the weather it looked like tomorrow there was an 80% chance of 5-10mm of rain. So, despite really needing a rest – got back on my bicycle and plodded on..

DSC09782 DSC09786DSC09788

what kind of bicycle lane is this?


I do not like seeing these signs, cause it means a steep downhill and for me, not so fun!


When I got to William R. Bennett Bridge into Kelowna, wasn’t sure how to get onto the cycling lane so I asked these friendly construction workers! When I told one of them I’d been riding from Victoria BC he responded with “today?”… too funny!


The bridge was pretty cool (short gentle uphill and downhill). I saw a nest with Osprey half way.

DSC09792 DSC09796 DSC09798

I carried on, on the 97. Then came across these two (Genevieve and Jack from Montreal). This couple have been riding for 7,000 kms so far and been on the road since January! They started in Savannah Georgia. They’re traveling unsupported, with about 70 pounds of gear on them each (inspiring!).


They’re heading the same way as me. So, may run into them again.

Met up with Shawn for lunch and then decided to try to push on, to Vernon. Knew there was a major weather system coming in soon (Environment Canada issued a “severe weather system” alert). This was what I saw behind me (dark ominous clouds):


And this was what I saw ahead of me (blue skies!)


I had 50kms to Vernon. I felt like Arwen from Lord of the Rings when she was on her white horse racing away with Frodo to save him from the ring wraiths (yes, I’m a LOTR geek!). I was on my white bicycle racing away from the dark thunderous clouds! I have to admit some sections of the road scared the heck out of me – there were no bike lanes in parts so I was riding with big trucks that didn’t give me much room 😦

I was moving as quickly as I could… and at the 21kms mark – heavy rain descended on my head. I thought it was hail, it was falling so hard. What was I thinking, trying to outride the weather? I sought refuge at a gas station. I called Shawn up and he drove up, rolled down the window and said “So, what seems to be the problem?” and we both burst into laughter.

IMG_0180 IMG_0181

We put the bicycle into the car and headed into Vernon. The idea of setting up a tent in the rain was a dreary thought.. so we found a cheap place to stay for two nights. I’m taking that rest day darn it! The plan is, for Shawn to drop me off at that same gas station on saturday so I can complete that last 29kms to Vernon and then carry on from there towards Sicamous and Revelstoke (some long long biking days coming up…)

Today, I only completed 60kms.

It’s a rainy in Vernon, so may check out a movie and be a blob for a day!



  1. Great going ! Take care of your eyes, warm tea bags might help. The pics and the report are interesting.relax on your day off !

  2. Hey, Lyda: you are amazing doing this run! Shawn a great support too. Wish you well, stay healthy! Love, Aunt Elsie & Uncle John

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