Day 7 (June 13 2014) 27 kms to Vernon

It would have been really nice to take the full day off to rest, but…tomorrow I’m attempting to make it to Revelstoke and it’s 150kms from Vernon. I really couldn’t afford to add 27kms to that already very long ride. So, Shawn drove me to the very gas station where I had to stop riding the day before because of the thunder, lightning and torrential rain. IMG_0186

…and off I went. Loads of uphill! Nice views along route

IMG_0189 IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0196

I found the shoulder to not be wide enough in parts, and some of the trucks that went by scared me (the noise, how close they were to me and the wind literally shook the bicycle)



Sign to indicate I was getting to my destination:

IMG_0201 IMG_0204

This sign baffled me, because it shows a truck going quickly and the sign was on an incline. Trucks don’t go quickly on inclines! Or maybe it was trying to indicate that soon there would be a downhill and the truck would be speeding up ? Anyway, never seen one of these signs before



IMG_0206 IMG_0208 IMG_0210

Today, I did 27 kms in 1 hour 55 mins.

Chilled out the rest of the day, went to the movies to see Edge of Tomorrow with Shawn – and it was decent. Also stocked up at the grocery store with some essentials:


Wonder how 150 kms tomorrow is going to go. I’ve never done that much in one go before (I’ve never done more than 115 kms in one day). Should be interesting. Looking at the route elevation the last bit tomorrow is going to be quite steep.

The day after tomorrow is Revelstoke to Golden and that’s 152 kms and there is a pass (Rogers Pass) that is at 1400 meters.

Two days = 300 kms? Will have to see if perhaps it might be wise to stretch that out into an extra day or so in there. Will see how it all unfolds….


One comment

  1. You’re doing great Lyda! We’re amazed at your stamina. That strange truck sign indicates a truck crossing, entrance ahead on left. I confess, we googled it.

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