Day 11 (June 17 2014) Field BC to Lake Louise AB

Got up, had some breakfast and Shawn drove me and my bicycle back to Field BC so I could do that last 25kms to Lake Louise. This is my idea of a “rest” day. 😉 Shawn gave me a banana, filled up my Marmot water hydration pack and I was on my way. DSC09889

I started at the visitor centre and it was flat for about 2 kms or so, then came the grueling uphill ! I had to take a ton of breaks to catch my breath. The views all around me were spectacular so the hard work was rewarded well. Here is what I saw along my way:

DSC09894 DSC09896 DSC09898 DSC09900 DSC09903 DSC09904 DSC09905 DSC09910 DSC09911 DSC09917 DSC09920 DSC09921 DSC09924 DSC09927 DSC09929 DSC09931 DSC09932 DSC09933 DSC09934 DSC09942 DSC09945 DSC09946 DSC09949 DSC09950 DSC09957

The last 5-10kms into Lake Louise was downhill which was really nice after the first 13kms or so of going uphill. I got up to 40kms an hour in this downhill section (a far cry from my 6kms/hr going uphill!)

It was a good short ride today, will rest for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow I ride to Canmore AB or….carry on to Calgary depending on how quickly I am moving. This is the home stretch now.





  1. We enjoy all your reports and are impressed with your courage and determination,we are very proud of you dearest Lyda. All the best for the remainder of your journey xxx

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