Since the bicycle ride ended a week ago..

I have developed a “spidey sense” for cyclists, especially the ones with bags of gear. When I see one, I get super excited and have a strong urge to run over and meet them to find out where they’re going! It’s pretty fun 🙂

I was eating lunch in Fort Langley with family and this girl rode by:


Her name is Elen (pronounced eelen) and she is from Belgium. She is on her very first day of her ride. She is solo, riding without a support vehicle and her destination is Montreal. I was checking out her set up and she had a GPS, a map and a cell phone. She said she was planning to use as many backroads as possible, especially the trans Canada trail. She was also using the site for accommodations. She plans to be in Montreal sometime in September! I told her a bit of what was ahead for her between Hope and Banff, as she’ll be on the same route I was just on. Then she’s scooting up to Jasper, across to Edmonton and on from there. Very cool. So excited for her. The other part that was cool was that it was good for my family to see others, especially lone women, out there doing the same thing I did and going even longer distances!


Yesterday, noticed these two riding up a street near my neighborhood. This is Laurie and Brent. They’re from Idaho. They parked in Blaine and have spent the last 12 days riding and camping around Vancouver Island (Sooke, Victoria) and the Lower Mainland.  They’d ridden the Lochside trail into Victoria and Shawn asked them if they’d seen a large pig en route, Laurie said they’d had!  They’d just ridden up a steep part of King George Hwy near 24th and wanted to know where to find a Tim Hortons because Canada Day was coming up and they wanted to do something Canadian before they crossed back into the States! Lucky for them they were one block away from one. 🙂

I thought I’d only meet fellow cyclists during my adventure across BC, but have been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been able to continue to meet cyclists on adventures! I love it!



  1. Great you are continuing to meet cyclist on tour. I ride into Fort Langley a lot, great place.
    Planning a cycle tour in 2016 across Canada myself, unsupported. Cheers, Dave.

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