Cheam Peak 18 July 2014

It was a Friday and we had a late start, so we decided to check out Cheam Peak which is a short hike we’d never done before. We headed to the Fraser Valley, down Chilliwack Lake Road and then onto Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road.  We knew the road to the trailhead was rough, and figured we’d try to get our Rav4 up the road as far as we could and hike the rest of the way up. We got just a few kilometers in and it became clear that it just wasn’t worth damaging our car to keep going and we were still really far from the trailhead. There were loads of washouts and cross ditches. We figured we’d do another hike in the area instead. So, we turned around and just when we did, a 4×4 came along and the guy got out, walked over and asked us what the conditions were like ahead. When he found out we wanted to do Cheam Peak and had given up on the road, without hesitation he offered Shawn and I a lift to the trailhead! How cool is that?? We excitedly parked our car on the side of the road and hopped in. The driver’s name was Allie and his wife’s name was Marlena. We yapped up a storm all the way to the trailhead and hiked to the top of Cheam with them and back – they were great company.

The views from the trailhead were spectacular. I’m used to working hard to get to the top of a mountain to get the reward of a view; to get it from the get go, was a real treat! The trail was straightforward, there was some snow in sections – though easily crossed as it was mushy. It got steepish in parts. What we saw along the route to the peak:

DSC00453 DSC00456 DSC00284DSC00454  DSC00289 DSC00458 DSC00459 DSC00461 DSC00463 DSC00467 DSC00288 DSC00470 DSC00475 DSC00476 DSC00479

As we started to ascend Cheam Peak we saw Lady Peak across the way. We’re going to have to check it out one day! It’s a scramble, versus a hike on a trail.DSC00480

More views along route, it was windy. Especially when we got to the top! At one point, I thought the wind might blow me right off the peak. Scary. What amazing views of the Fraser Valley from the top!! We had a lunch at and there were two chipmunks that were aggressively vying for our food. One even pushed the other off a rock. We were at the top for about 45 mins.

DSC00484 DSC00485 DSC00300DSC00490 DSC00494 DSC00496 DSC00508 DSC00514 DSC00516DSC00520

A memorial plaque. I’ve noticed memorials on other peaks as well. I’d love for a tree to be planted near a peak in memory of me one day. DSC00512

After lunch we started to head down. Hard on the knees I must say! I was thankful for my hiking poles.

DSC00521 DSC00523 DSC00524 DSC00531  DSC00532

Took some photos of the road on the way out:

DSC00543    DSC00535

We did 9.5 kms and it took about 2 hours up and hour and half down, plus a 45 min lunch. We had always heard about Cheam through the years, but had also heard about the rough road which had stopped us from checking it out before. It was so nice to have been able to hike this beautiful area. And what luck too!! We never would have been able to had a random stranger not offered us a lift. It’s really great when things work out like that. It’s a lesson to just go out there and give whatever it is that you want to do a shot. Sure, it might not work out – but on the other hand, it just might. It’s always worth giving it a go. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 11.20.42 AMScreen shot 2014-07-18 at 11.16.52 AM



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