Thoughts about another cyclist…

As everyone knows I made it home safely from my cycling adventure. I read this the other day HERE and it really impacted me. He didn’t cycle regularly, he hadn’t trained much prior to his trip and he was raising funds and awareness for the environment – Same as me on all three counts. He started off from Vancouver a month after I did. I read his blog, he took the same route through Manning park that I did (worked hard the same way climbing that crazy hill to Manning Lodge and blogged about his jubilation making it to Allison Pass – the top!). I looked through his photos and he even took some similar photos I had taken (from the same spots). Even though I didn’t know him, I’ve been thinking about him and I’m sad.

I remember when I first started off on my adventure just being happy to challenge myself. Super excited, oblivious to anything that could go wrong. It never entered my mind in any serious way that what I was doing was dangerous. Trucks and cars whizzed passed me all the time. Some closer than I would have liked. I even took a selfie with a massive truck passing by me to show people how small the shoulder I was riding on was. Still.. it never truly entered my mind that I was in harms way.

I was on some of the same roads Graeme was on, going through some of the same mental struggles to ride some of the challenging terrain as him. He took the risk, lived life to the fullest all the way to the end. Inspiring.

I don’t regret doing the bicycle ride. It was amazing. A once in a lifetime adventure. It’s just hit me pretty hard hearing how someone else took a similar journey and how it turned out for him. I wish he was riding through Ontario right now, complaining in his blog about annoying oversized black flies.



  1. It is a sad story. Your story is on a similar trajectory and oh so appreciated by those who have had the chance to meet you. Thanks for showing us the journey of young Graeme. When I opened it I was so surprised to see how young he was. Beautiful photos. Yes he lost his life doing what he loved… Very sad all the same.

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