About Me


I’ve been thinking about doing a challenging bicycle ride for a long time. I also love hiking in the mountains. I wouldn’t consider myself particularly fit, doing bicycle repairs is not my forte, I’ve never hiked or camped alone. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. I will start my bicycle ride in Victoria BC on June 7th and take 2-3 weeks to get to Calgary AB (it took me 12 days to cover 1,100kms). Then I plan to spend time in July and August (and adding September to my timeline!) covering at least 300kms hiking in the BC mountains and reaching 15 peaks.  I’m doing this bike and hike for a number of reasons. I want to:

  • Challenge myself physically and mentally and grow as a person
  • Encourage hiking and spending time in nature
  • Encourage cycling as a form of transportation
  • Fight for the environment! The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released “Climate Change 2014” and it warns that we’re running out of time to stop global warming. People need to get together and start taking action for the benefit of our environment and future generations now. I founded an environmental volunteer group in 2011, and in 2013 I started a charitable organization called Green Teams of Canada. Our organization’s goal is to conserve our natural environment by engaging volunteers in educational hands-on activities like planting native plants and trees, picking up litter in parks and removing invasive plants. Our hope is that when we connect people to nature and to each other we will show that together that we can make a positive tangible impact on the environment. Specifically, through this ride I plan to raise awareness about Green Teams of Canada and raise funds so that we can build green teams in cities across Canada.

I created a giving group so that donations could be made to Green Teams of Canada. To learn how to donate please click: HERE

I’ve asked myself the question “what can I do as just one person?”. I’ve learned it’s not just one person at all, we all care about our land, air and water and given the opportunity we can make a difference, together. I know we can. The volunteers of the Lower Mainland Green Team,have shown me that!



  1. Way to Go Lyda! It certainly is quite a challenge, but you are a very strong & determined person who’s so passionate about The Lower Mainland Green Team & everything it stands for! You’ll manage it & we will be encouraging you along the way! I admire your strength & persistence on how far you’ve come in making The LMGT what it is today! The team continues to grow & do such good for our awesome world we all live in!! What a great idea to do a ride/hike-have fun with it! Looking forward to your posts!! -Brandy H.

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